Discover new, less popular music recommendations based on your favorite artists.


How does it work?

Hipsterfy gets track recommendations from the Spotify API using the name of the artist you searched for and up to four genres from the artist's Spotify profile.

Why did artist X return artist Y? They're not even remotely related!

Often times, an artist will only have a limited number of generic genres. Think "pop" or "rock". In these cases Spotify will broaden its search efforts in order to fullfill the request.

Why did I get this artist? They are imensely popular!

Every song on Spotify has a popularity rating from 0 to 100, 100 being the most popular. Many popular songs have multiple versions (single release, alternate mix, live recordings, etc.) hosted on Spotify. Even though these are all the "same song", Spotify has a unique popularity rating for each version that could be very low.

Why does searching for this artist not work right?

This project is still a work in progress. There are hundreds of thousands of artists on Spotify and an infinite number of reasons why one particular artist might not produce the expected results.